Just Keep Reading CISSP

Just keep reading CISSP.

Reading is so important, especially for the CISSP. The never-ending crisp pages of a new CISSP book looks like it will take a year just to read once. But try to read 10 pages, just 10 pages everyday for 3 months. If you do this, you will have read about a 1000 pages, which is just the amount of pages in the Shon Harris 7th Edition, probably the biggest and broadest book of all CISSP books. I promise you the difference in your personal growth from Day 1 to Day 42 to Day 100 will be groundbreaking. It's just 3 months out of your life, compared to the decades of success that follow it.

Just keep reading CISSP.

Shut off that Netflix, forget the Winter Olympics, stop being really good at that game on your phone and just read CISSP. 3 months...with pure focus and dedication...it takes 3 months. After 3 months, I promise you, you will have destroyed all your need for motivation, as you have now cultivated something far greater to have in the arsenal of your humanity: discipline.

The CISSP is not an exam for those who seek constant motivation, it is for the disciplined, or the ones seeking discipline. Discipline gets you through hard times without dropping you to the floor crying when times are tough, and it's discipline that keeps you calm when everything else is suddenly in chaos and mayhem. Discipline provides the clairvoyance to see that you don't need to be good at a game, and you don't need to watch Game of Thrones, and you don't need to allow the news to take up space in your brain. You just really need to be the very best self you can be in this quick blink of time.

Just keep reading CISSP.

Whether you experienced living a life where the roaches ran when you turned on the kitchen lights, or were embarrassed to get the free lunch at school - the CISSP is the great equalizer. If you have it, they don't. Simple as that. Nobody can take that away from you no matter what your background or DNA.

Just keep reading CISSP.

This whole post was probably about 2 pages out of a CISSP book, you have already read 2 pages of text in probably 2 minutes. If you segment out your reading everyday to 10 pages or even 20 pages, you'll see that over the course of a month that really thick book doesn't look so impossible to finish anymore. In fact, a lot of things start to not seem so impossible to accomplish, know what I mean?

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