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Ways to Earn CPE Credits

It has been a few months since passing the CISSP exam, and I’ve had this creeping feeling in the back of my mind about maintaining the necessary CPE credits. With life and work, I just kind of ignored that nagging voice in my head, and just continued with my daily grind.

I felt like, ugh, I don’t wanna have to deal with earning CPE credits, and finding out how to earn them, and sitting in a conference or something listening to a seminar. I thought maybe this blog would help me earn all the credits I needed. Turns out, it’s actually not that bad to earn CPE credits!

The ISC(2) did a good job of reminding me recently through an email I’d like to share with everyone.

They set out a list of ways to earn CPE credits right here:

Ways To Earn CPE Credits at Little or No Cost

(ISC)2 e-Symposia

This is a series of online seminars. These seminars are free to our members. All of the previously held seminars have been recorded and can still be accessed to earn CPE credits. Each seminar has a brief quiz associated with it. Passing the quiz entitles you to 3 Group A CPE credits. You can find more information on the member website at (login required). InfoSecurity Professional magazine

This is a free, member only magazine. The magazine is a digital publication that comes out quarterly. Each issue also has a short quiz and these are worth 2 Group A credits per issue (up to eight CPEs for four issues annually), instead of the five (CPEs available for other magazine subscriptions. The magazine is available on the member website at (login required). Volunteering for and Attending Information Systems Security Professional Association Chapter Meetings

You are eligible to earn CPE credits for performing various information systems security related professional chapter activities including: taking a leadership role in forming or establishing an information systems security professional chapter, attending a presentation or meeting discussion at a professional association chapter meeting and/or performing administrative services you render by arranging and managing chapter meetings. Participate in Webinars, Seminars, Pod Casts

Search the Internet for free Webinars, Pod Casts, or seminars focusing on security methodology, technology, or practices offered by hardware/software suppliers and other vendors carrying security-related products. Take a Self-Study or Computer-Based Training Course (CBT)

Search the Internet for free self-study or computer-based training (CBT) courses on security methodology, technology or practices offered by hardware/software suppliers and other vendors carrying security-related products. Attend a Vendor Presentation

The presentation must have an educational aspect with regard to security methodology, technology, or practice. (Pure sales presentations are not considered CPE activities). Be an Education Volunteer

Call your local police, schools, and non-profits and ask about volunteer opportunities to educate the public about security. CPE credits are awarded for the initial preparation of a presentation. Volunteer to Audit/Maintain a Network

Call on charitable organizations and volunteer to audit or maintain their networks, improve their network security, help with other IT security issues, etc. Read a Book/Write a Review

Stop by your local library to check out and read a book on information security. Submit a book review on a recent information security book you’ve read. You’ll receive CPE credits if the review is accepted and posted on the (ISC)² Website. Visit the book review search page to find existing book reviews.


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