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The CISSP Endorsement Process

It’s truly a great feeling when some of our blog readers pass their CISSP exam!

Sometimes they even email me to let me know how this website helped in their success. To feel like a part of someone else’s success, is a feeling like none other.

After it has sunk in that they have finally passed the CISSP after months and months of studying, some readers ask me about beginning the CISSP endorsement process.

It’s a fairly clear and simple process.

The CISSP is the only certification I know where you have to have a required number of years of on-the-job experience to even attempt the exam. That’s when I knew this is a serious security exam!

After passing the exam, another fellow CISSP has to endorse you. This way, one is accountable for the other. Do you know why this is? Probably to discourage cheating. If you vouch for someone, and it is found that they somehow cheated during the exam, both of your CISSP titles will be revoked.

So not only do you have to be honest during the exam, you also have to be honest in real life for anyone to willfully endorse you! Serious stuff! This is why the CISSP certification is a gold standard in the security industry and a worthy one to have!

CISSP Endorsement Checklist

  • 5 years of security experience – You can substitute some years with college degrees or other certifications, find more information here:

  • An Endorsement Form:

  • A fellow CISSP that is in good standing

Steps to Becoming Endorsed

  • Fill out your portion of the endorsement form

  • Have your CISSP fill out their portion of the endorsement form

  • Attache your resume to the endorsement form

  • Mail, fax, or e-mail endorsement form and resume to the ISC2

  • You can even apply online!


  • I hear it is a much shorter waiting period

You have 9 months from the time you passed the CISSP exam to submit your application. Don’t wait until the last minute though, plan early! If you aren’t endorsed because of some technical error, you’ll have to take the CISSP exam again!

You certainly don’t want that!

Thanks for reading, please email me if you have any further questions!


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