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Quick Breakdown of OSI Model

The OSI Model is used to describe how data moves from your networked computer to an application in another network. Instead of trying to memorize all the layers, the protocols, and what device belongs in which layer, it is better to just know the concepts.

Here is an excerpt from the OSI Model video from the members section of the site.

In this video I go through how I use the OSI Model as a network security engineer to troubleshoot connectivity issues with clients. Associating a CISSP concept with something in real life makes it so much easier to get to "know" the topic vs memorizing it.

Knowing is better than memorizing.

Knowing comes naturally.

Memorizing takes effort, it makes you work, it makes you spend energy. That's why it is easier for you to know something instead of wasting energy trying to memorize it.

And on the exam, you're going to need all the energy you can get to go through 250 questions in 6 hours.

Thanks for watching.


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