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Practice Question: Steps of the SDLC

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Which of the following are the general steps of the System Development Life Cycle ?

A. Initiation, Implementation, Acquisition, Operation, Maintenance

B. Initiation, Development, Implementation, Acquisition, Disposal

C. Initiation, Disposal, Operation, Implementation, Development

D. Initiation, Acquisition, Implementation, Operation, Disposal

Solution The correct answer is D!

D is the proper sequence of the System Development Life Cycle per Shon Harris Chapter 10 section “System Development Life Cycle”.Choices A, B, C are in incorrect order.

Don’t panic if you didn’t know the exact sequence of steps. You don’t have to know these steps exactly in order…but do know their general steps.

Like, first you initiate the need for a system. Then you acquire the system. Then you implement the system in a production environment. Make sense so far?

Then after it has been fully in operation it is time to dispose of it at the necessary time.


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