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How Rick Cracked His CISSP Exam

First I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this group. Like others before me, it helped in motivating me. Whether passing or failing the CISSP exam, it reminded me of the work that I needed to put in to attain my goal.

I started May 29th , 2017 on my CISSP expedition. Before that date I did my due diligence. I spent 2-3 weeks researching websites, Facebook, study groups, CISSP’s, etc. on how others succeeded in attaining their CISSP. As I did this I kept seeing the same resources over and over. The same determination that would be required to complete this expedition!

I then reached out and put together all of the resources that I could afford to begin my study program. Since I’m also a PMP I normally treat just about everything I do as a formal project. No difference here! So I put together a formal project plan that listed my resources and my estimated completion of my study plan. For each resource I broke down how long it would take to complete that resource. For example, I used David Miller on Safari Books Online and I knew if I watched every single video it would take 54 hr, 13m, 41 sec of my time. Adam Gordon Video’s 29 hrs, CYBRARY 13 hrs. etc. I felt it was important to plan my time wisely and knowing how long it would take me to complete a resource was important to know so that I would be ready for my exam.

Knowing this information helped me in planning my exam date. I used this information and set a date of Saturday, Sept 30 th . I actually paid and schedule my date. I’m a believer in doing this. It’s not real unless you do.

From May 29 th to the day I took the exam, I never once missed a single day of preparing for the exam. If I was on my treadmill, I was listening to Shon Harris. If I had time at work I would watch video’s of Adam Gordon, David Miller. My drive to and from work, one way is 90 minutes and I would listen to them as well. This was above and beyond my set schedule of studying once I arrived home from work.

I put together a CISSP Study Group at work. Five of us would meet every Thursday @ noon. Sometime give a 5 minute or less class on our “weakest” subject. Or brief one another on our study plans. I would read Luke’s “Study Notes and Theory” FB site every day. Reading peoples failures and successes! You learn from both. Even though I’ve passed, I still do this every day. Love the site!

The week right before the exam, I took three (3) full exams. All three were from Transcenders (bought through CYBRARY). The Friday beforehand I read Eric Conrad’s 11 th Hour, went through my flash cards and looked over any notes I had.

Saturday @ 1 PM my exam started. Ended my exam at 4:42 PM. Raised my hand so that they would come over and escort me from the room. By the time I got to the area she had my results in her hands and said congratulations! Like most before me, I was stunned. Stood there just looking at the paper.

RESOURCES:  Adam Gordon ISC2 Video’s  David Miller videos on SafariBooksOnline  CYBRARY  Transcenders w\Flash Cards bought through CYBRARY at a great price  BOSON Exams  Shon Harris Video Mentor  Shon Harris AIO 7 th edition  Shon Harris 7 th edition Hot Spot & Drag & Drop Quiz  Shon Harris 7 th edition Total Tester Exams  Eric Conrad Practice Exams A & B  Shon Harris 2010 Video \Audio  SYBEX ISC2 7 th edition  SYBEX ISC2 7 th edition Chapter tests

 SYBEXT ISC2 7 th edition Practice Exams (4 exams)  Eric Conrad 11 th Hour 3 rd edition.

I didn’t use 100% of all of my resources. Some resources were only partially utilized, but I would record exactly what I did use. I tracked everything. As for exam itself, I did read every single question at least TWICE if not more! Same with the answers!! I cannot stress this anymore than what I’m doing right now. It helped me in catching certain phrases or words that I missed that were very important in what I believe helped me in passing the exam.

Sorry for the length, but good luck to all!


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