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How Pranay Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for wishes

So here is my journey.

I started my studies a year ago, but lots of up and downs not able to continue, finally the last 2 month got serious studies.

I am from technical background mostly doing work on Firewall, routing, got into little bit of management is from last year.

As my study plan is same as what other refer, and I can say its good and reliable:

1) Kelly videos Cybrary

2) CCCcure practice exam ( bought 3 month license) done around 2500 Question, taken domain wise 50 question in each exam of pro level

3) Sybex for most of topic, refer the Bible “Shon harris” only for some topics which not able to understand

4) Also completed all sample test from Sybex (scored 75% approx in each) on last week

5) Refer the marked section of books 2) Sunflower notes 3) Eric Conrad book & and his 2 free online practice exam,” its good question please refer those if your planning but get it only in last week will help you a lot”

As now my exam, its a lot different heavy conceptual less technical, As Kelly says , 1 inch deep 1 mile wide.

It took me 5hrs 30 min to complete, the language is tricky part, read question twice read the option and read question again , some question are just straightforward.

So final advice: understand the concept, don’t cram it.

Please have proper understanding of Risk management, Identity management, don’t cram all the bits and bytes.

Thanks Everyone (Y)

Have a great learning experience!

Cheers !!!


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