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How Omri Cracked His CISSP Exam

"Resilience and Determination: My Journey to CISSP Certification In the midst of July, I found myself at a crossroads, eagerly anticipating a role at one of the world's leading cybersecurity companies.

The anticipation turned to disappointment when I learned they'd chosen another candidate. I felt a wave of dejection but decided that I needed a personal triumph. That's when the notion of becoming CISSP certified struck me. Having previously passed the CCSP exam a year ago, I had a foundation in the field, but I knew the CISSP exam was on a whole different level. The decision to pursue CISSP was not just about a certification; it became a personal quest for redemption and pride.

I embarked on a three-month journey of relentless study and strategic preparation, recognizing that motivation and dedication were the linchpins of success in this endeavor.

Video Learning: I initiated my study by watching educational videos, including the CISSP Exam Cram, Destination Certification Mind Maps, and Kelly Handerhan's CISSP course. Videos laid the groundwork for my understanding. It was akin to watching a movie adaptation before delving into the original book; this primed me for the subsequent reading.

Book Study: The Official Study Guide became my holy grail. Devoting 60-80 minutes daily to reading, I witnessed a remarkable improvement in my reading speed and comprehension. From initially digesting 10-15 pages per hour in the first two weeks to comfortably grasping 40-45 pages within an hour by the sixth week, the progress was evident. Even with an initial grasp of 50-70% of the material, consistent practice amplified my understanding.

Secondary Reading and Practice: The pivotal phase involved revisiting the material, accompanied by meticulous note-taking. This secondary read-through was where knowledge truly solidified. I took detailed notes on OneNote, revisited each chapter, and attempted practice questions associated with the content covered.

Practice Questions Galore: I supplemented my learning with a variety of practice materials—Boson, official CBK questions, Luke Ahmed, CISSP Pocket Prep, and Thor's challenging questions. Diversifying my practice enriched my understanding and preparedness.

Knowing When: Recognizing the point where my knowledge peaked, I booked the exam. Sometimes, confidence in your preparedness is the key to moving forward.

The Exam: Entering the exam room, I navigated through 125 questions in 100 minutes, a testament to the depth of my preparation.

Embracing Imperfection: Understanding that not every topic would be mastered, that some answers might elude comprehension, was vital. The CISSP exam is multifaceted and challenging. Accepting the occasional uncertainty and persisting with motivation was the true key to success. In the end, achieving CISSP certification was not merely about passing an exam. It was about embodying resilience, discipline, and a relentless pursuit of personal growth. To all aspirants, remember, it's not about knowing everything; it's about staying motivated and resolute in your pursuit. Best regards, Omri Shamir."


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