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How Mudit Cracked His CISSP Exam

So this is my exp of exam:

I read CBK full, sybex about half.. cybrary videos, 1 boot camp then some online searches and few units from here and there, around 2500 q from cccure and another 3000 probably from other sources.. review questions from books + eric’s book.

Exam was awesome, I have new grown respect for this exam.

My suggestions, I hope helps, whenever you read any process it is important to know what would be done in that particular step of complete process, but it is more important to know why we are doing each of these steps, what are deliverables and same from the whole process in all.

For example if there is a statement “change management is primarily to avoid confusion on various versions and facilitate of system rebuilds”.. This is very important line to understand and remember.

I went for options that would not fix the problem for now but would make sure this would never happen again. I didn’t chose any option to make changes, I chose for options that would rather bring the issue to correct people notice.

I made sure I didn’t get stuck to any question. I dont know it, I would choose the best one according to me and move on. I had to make sure I cross the 700 line.

Punctuation is completely missing in questions and in answers, that made it confusing. I had to reread it multiple times … for some questions 4-5 times … but then mostly I was able to put punctuate in my head.

I know I am repeating, but please don’t worry about a 1000.. if you think you cannot be sure about best from 2 best options pick one and move on.. and dont think about it.. there would be hardly 10 questions you would be doing that.. and for me at least 7-10 questions I had no clue what it was.. so I just took literal meaning of the terms and made a decision based on that. After all every name in industry is chosen to clearly show the intent of the process…mostly.

Glenn, Ahmed, Inuse and each of the contributors to this group.. thanks a ton.

I appreciate your contributions, at times I use to just read the questions and answers with logic for choosing those options and I kid you not, I gave up.. at least 20-30 times.

I made my own notes.. noted topics that people said were high on exam or were not very informative in books I checked.. reread those chapters or look for online material videos or talk to people who would know that stuff.

One last thing, admin to this group man/lady and kelly(, you booked yourself a VIP seat in heaven.

I owe my CISSP to Kushal, Juned, Ravi, Roopesh, Anuj, Mayur, this group and Cybrary.

All of you can certainly use the last 2 resources.


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