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How Jiehoon Cracked His CISSP Exam

Since two months after getting the exam.

Two months already have passed since I got CISSP test.

Right after getting the exam result, I wrote this short post but I didn’t upload.(i thought it’s too short 😉

I luckily passed the exam last Tuesday(26 Apr.). And I like to express my gratefulness to this free knowledge sharing community because I got much information like website cccure and got courage after reading other people’s study stories.

I started to prepare the exam since last beginning of March with only Shawn Harris’ book(All in one).

In the beginning, I just read the book again and again.

But, it was not easy to fully understand the contents translated in Korean.

So, I tried to find more information and found this community at the beginning of April.

Yes, it seemed to be too late because I already made a reservation to get the exam at the end of April.

After reading most of how cracked their exam, I changed study plan to solve the questions instead of trying to read and understand the book.

First, I started from McGrawHill’s free questions and moved to cccure.

Among over 1800 questions, I could only dealt w ith 1600 but it was very helpful than I expected.

This is from South Korea where study materials in Korean are not easily found except visiting to private education institute for this exam.

So most of people wanting to be CISSP don’t have many options besides depending on those private institutes.

Anyway, followings are rough information on a way that I prepped for this exam and got the test on the D-day.

1. prepping for the exam – book : All in one by Shawn Harris, CISSP note by security professional (This book three Korean witers and focused on the changed domains. But I could get only little help from this book because I didn’t read this book once)

– on-line lecture : Steven Gorden’s lecture. (This was the best help for me to build basic concepts on encryption and networking)

-Shawn Harris lecture mp3s on 8 domains

– on-line exam site : McGrawHill’s after reading test for All in one cccure (As you know, this is not a free site. Yes, I paid for it, but I don’t think I wasted anything. I got much more than I expected.)

2. getting the exam

– I prepped for the exam with almost English materials so I worried about the translated Korean’s quality. But, luckily every sentences were provided in two languages. So it took much time for me to solve questions because most of questions I read in both of languages. So, though I spent all of 6 hours, I couldn’t recheck many of marked questions.


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