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How Cuong Cracked His CISSP Exam

Can not believe that I am a winner of the battle today. Cleared my CISSP exam during 8 months with hard study.

Limit time to my family, no hangout and drinking beer with my friends, no having the soccer match on the weekend. Everything is focused on the exam. I would like to share my experience during my studying time. Hope that it can help you find a little bit useful in yours journey to beat CISSP exam.

My schedule:

- Spend at least 2-3 hours to study on week days and 4-6 hours on the weekend. 3 months before siting on the exam, I raised up the time to 4-6 hours/day and took double amount of that time on the weekend.


- Book:

+ Sybex offical study guide, 8th edition. This is a primary book I read to understand the concepts ( Read through 2 times, over and over). I like the way of express the concept of this book. (highly recommended)

+ AIO of Shon Harris, 7th edition. It is quite technical detail and I used it to compare unclear concepts.

+ Cissp-study-guide-3ed-2016-eric-conrad: just for reviewing

+ CISSP-Sun flower and CISSP process guide of Madunix for summarizing concepts you should need to know for the exam (highly recommended). I read them 02 times and took note on important concepts. It was really helpful to fill up my performance 01 month before the exam. I call them “my short gun which I hidden on my pocket to deal with the exam”. :D

+ Subscribe to be a member of Its one of my “due care” to conquer the exam. Watched all Luke’s video and took a lot of time to deal with his practice questions. They can help you deeply understand the concept and one way to measure your performance. If you can pass his practice questions, you definitely can pass the exam for sure.

+ Being a member of CISSP buddy group on Telegram is one other my due care. There are a lot of crazy fellows as well as professional guys at here who can share and support you to explain concepts clearly.

(Highly recommended).

+ Watched and listen videos of Kelly on (free) , I swallowed them word by word. Especially, some tip on “why you should pass the exam” of her video are really valuable. They are changed my mind. (highly recommended).

+ Searched a lot of concepts on Wiki (helpful)

+ is also a good source you should come to find interesting concepts

- Practice questions:

+ Sybex official practice test, 2nd edition (Highly recommended)

+ CISSP practice test, 5th edition of Shon Harris (Highly recommended)

+ Boson (Highly recommended)

+ All practice questions on the book I mentioned above.

+ Ton of questions that shared by member of CISSP buddy group (Interesting)



+ Free practice questions of Thorteaches

Thank you all for your support during my studing time. I am really appreciate that.


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