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Answers To Your CISSP FAQs

Hi All,

I have been in incognito mode ever since I have joined this group. Thanks to all the great advice and assistance given here, I have passed my CISSP examination a year ago.

I have seen many questions regarding which materials to study etc. etc. I will do a basic FAQ on the normal questions that pursuers of the certification tend to ask. 1. What resources should I use for this certification? Answer : Shon Harris, Sybex, CISSP CBK and of course Google! Reason : For first timers, you should try to read the first few chapters of each book to see which book suits your studying style or reading style. Getting a book that is easy to understand and relate to stuff is easier to digest than going through a book which you think is overwhelming in words.

In your readings, you may come across terms that you are not familiar. Google it and make note of it, digest and understand it.

2. What are some practice tests I should refer to for this certification? Answer : the books give good practice questions to test your knowledge. However, it is not enough to get you ready for the exam. Study Notes and Theory, CCCure and Pearsons offer good practice questions. Practice questions are good enough to get you into the right mindset about thinking and answering the questions.

However , do not get complacent by doing them.

A typical bench mark for the practice question exam will be 85 percent, if you score below 70%. Please go and read up more

3. What type of questions are on the exam? The exam asks about everything under the sun from the domains tested. Some may say you don`t have to know the acronyms , however in my opinion you should as you are gearing up to be an Information Security Professional. It will be a super long exam, but the correct mindset and determination will see you through.

Always remember, check and re-check your questions to ensure that you know what the question is asking! I for one, read a particular question 4 times to understand it.

4. What is the best way to study for the exam? Always have an inquiring mind! Being in the IT Sector, new technology emerge everyday. It is essential that we have an inquiring mind. In this case for CISSP, ask yourself questions if you encounter a new topic.

Ask yourself if you get a question wrong, why the answer is this but not that.

Always yearn for more knowledge to feed yourself.

Relate to stuff during your work for easier learning!

5. Buckle up and enjoy the ride and process CISSP takes dedication and determination to achieve.

Be objective driven and set your objectives per week or day and push yourself to achieve their objectives.

The tough part about his certification is time management, you will have families , loved ones and work plus study to divide your time. Do up a schedule to allocate a time for them, it is easy to get stressed out during this period. Remember to allocate time for your work as well as there will be busy periods , always always remember not to be lazy and think that you will start tomorrow!

Tomorrow never comes!

My studying period are as below:

  • 2 hours per day after work in the night

  • A full day on Saturday or Sunday

  • 1 Off day per week for hangouts with loved ones or friends.

Last but not least, I wish every one pursuing this certification the best and may you be certified.

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