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Sample Content

CISSP Videos

CISSP Videos

Practice Questions

Practice Questions

50 CISSP Flascards

50 CISSP Flascards


"I really want to thank you for everything you are doing for the CISSP aspirants. Please know that Study Notes is a family. I really do not like it when you sometimes refer to it as your business; sure it is from your perspective, but to many of us, it's a community, a family. I couldn't possibly make it without my Study Notes family."

"I got amazed at your videos. I showed them to my wife, she said you speak like artificial intelligence. Lol. I am really enjoying it after Shon Harris book. Most of my doubts are getting cleared with your live examples. If I pass then you are the great reason behind it." (He passed the exam) 

"First let me tell you how much your practice questions have helped in me passing CISSP. Your questions actually guided me towards that analytical thinking process which I believe is extremely important to pass CISSP. Thank you for all your efforts for CISSP community and as a whole for society."

"I have been watching your videos and how it helps to conceptually sit down in the brain.  Before taking your membership, I only heard that how Luke's videos and questions are only tough and way more than required and are very technical.  This is not my experience so far, the concepts you offer is well articulated and seems well planned and executed."


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