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The SONIC Project: "Future-Proof" Your Career

Contribute to a Promising, Satisfying, and Highly Lucrative Career in Cybersecurity and Close the Massive Workforce Shortage
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What Is The State Of Cybersecurity?

Dear Future Security Professional, 

Right now, the world’s data is in a constant state of critical danger.

Every email... every text… every credit card number…

Your passwords, your money… your entire identity and privacy is at risk.

It’s due to something called the “cybersecurity skills gap…”

Check out these numbers:


Global Security Workforce: 
4.7 million


Number of security professionals needed:
3.4 million

sec guy.jpg

Amount spent on
security in 2022:
$23 billion

A Sweeping Gap In The Cybersecurity Workforce And A Global Demand For Security Professionals Present A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity For You To "Future Proof" And Get Ahead In A Lucrative, Promising, And Highly Satisfying Career.
Get The SONIC Project to Pass Your Certified In Cybersecurity Exam for $119 (180-day access)
What Is The SONIC Project?
The SONIC Project exists to help proactive, dedicated, and eager entry-level individuals who are serious about beginning their security career by passing the (ISC)2's new Certified in Cybersecurity exam.

To secure operational needs in cyber.  

Risk needs to be managed.  Systems need to be updated.  Networks need to be protected.  Lives need to be saved.

Certifications alone are never be enough to become a security professional,  add to the number of security professionals worldwide for the next decade, will benefit most from this course.

I hope you are one of them.

Thank you.

-Luke Ahmed
Who Is The Sonic Project For?

Serious About The Security Profession
The SONIC Project is not here to just help you pass an exam.  It's here to provide insight into the hardships, sacrifices, complexity, and  the skyrocketing benefits of joining the security profession

Little To Zero Security Experience  
If you don't know anything about cybersecurity, this course will provide the basic concepts and terminology

Studying For Your CISSP Exam
Whether you're just starting your CISSP studies or your exam is in a month, this course can provide additional insight provided a globally recognized CISSP instructor

Just Looking To Be More Educated
The SONIC Project provides real, useful, and practical security skills and countermeasures for everyday threats
Course Objectives:
  • Provide All The Material Needed To Pass The Entry-Level Certified In Cybersecurity Exam
  • Use Real-World Examples To Demonstrate The Application Of Basic Security Concepts
  • Share Direct Industry Experience On How To Answer Technical Security Job Interview Questions
  • Provide A Pathway To Becoming A CISSP

There are not enough cybersecurity professionals to lock down the world’s data. 

This is the cybersecurity skills gap - a massive shortage in cybersecurity talent.

And it's going to get worse before it gets better.