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I'm Luke Ahmed.

I dream about CISSP.
Then I wake up and make my dreams come true.
Welcome to Study Notes and Theory.
My online CISSP and CC exam study guide.

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Why Do I Love Teaching the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) ?

For me, the CISSP is a security certification that completely changed the trajectory and success of my security career from support helpdesk, to junior security engineer, to senior security engineer, to team lead of SOC operations.  


It is an exam that is a 4-hour, 175 multiple choice question, computerized adaptive testing exam on 8 broad domains of advanced and high-level information security concepts.  It is an elite gold-standard cybersecurity exam that carries with it the influence to unlock career opportunities, skyrocketing salaries, and a promising future in this industry.

I provide a high-quality and beautiful CISSP course curriculum that spans a total of 7 years of content creation that includes videos, practice questions, flashcards, PDF notes, and access to a private CISSP Telegram group.


I Love Teaching CISSP So Much, I Even Wrote a Book About It

A book dedicated to all the security professionals sacrificing, struggling, and staying up late nights on their journey to the CISSP exam. 

This book changes the way of thinking for anyone who needs the answer to the ultimate question to answer in order to pass the CISSP exam "How do you think like a manager?" 

I was on my grind for 425 days waking up at 5 a.m. to write this book.  I would've been happy if it helped just one person.  But now, it is one of the Top Books To Prepare For Your CISSP Exam and has sold over 7,000 copies.

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Not Ready for the CISSP? Then I'd Love to Help You Pass Your Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Exam!

The CC exam is a certification I would have definitely taken before starting out my security career!  This entry-level beginner exam provides such a strong foundation of basic security concepts and terminology, that it would helped me understand the bigger picture easier, instead of learning the hard way! 

It is a new (ISC)2 entry-level cybersecurity exam that is on its way to becoming accredited, recognized, and endorsed globally, just like the CISSP.  It consists of 100 questions with a 2-hour time limit.  

provide a full CC course filled with my direct experience as a firewall security engineer so you can make the connection between topics and their real-world usages.  I call it the SONIC Project!  

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