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I'm Luke Ahmed.

Welcome to Study Notes and Theory.

Premiere CISSP, CCSP, and CC exam courses are the residue of my creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and 8-year direct network security engineer experience in the cybersecurity industry.

Our CISSP course has helped pass over 3,000 CISSPs.
That's almost 2% of the total CISSPs worldwide!

Why Do I Love Teaching the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) ?

The CISSP is a security certification that completely changed the trajectory and success of my security career from support helpdesk, to junior security engineer, to senior security engineer, to team lead of SOC operations. 

I provide a high-quality, trusted, and beautiful CISSP course curriculum which spans a total of 7 years of content creation that includes videos, practice questions, flashcards, PDF notes, and access to a private CISSP Telegram group.  This website has currently helped pass over 3,000 CISSPs worldwide!

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Intellectual Property Protections


I Love Teaching CISSP So Much, I Winded Up Writing A
Best-Selling Book About It

I had the privilege of handing the first autographed copy of "How To Think Like A Manager for the CISSP Exam" to the CEO of (ISC)2, Clar Rosso.  This experience was the apex of my career as a CISSP instructor.  My book is now one of the Top Books To Prepare For Your CISSP Exam and has sold over 9,000 copies from America to India to Morocco to Australia!

This book is dedicated to all the security professionals sacrificing, struggling, and staying up late nights on their journey to the CISSP exam.

How Do You Start A Career In the Cybersecurity Industry?

There are a thousand different ways!  One of which is taking the entry-level beginner Certified in Cybersecurity exam.  I would have definitely taken this exam before starting out my security career!  This exam provides such a strong foundation of basic security concepts and terminology, that it would help me understand the bigger security picture, instead of learning the hard way!

This new entry-level exam by the  (ISC)2 is on its way to becoming accredited, recognized, and endorsed globally, just like the CISSP.  It consists of 100 questions with a 2-hour time limit.

My CC exam course is called "The SONIC Project" and has recently helped pass 100 students!

Course Content

  • 13 total hours of course videos

  • 6 self-paced video modules

  • Direct real-world examples of topics

  • 225 practice questions

  • 180 days of access

Course Objectives:

  • Provide everything you need to pass your Certified in Cybersecurity exam

  • Bonus: industry experience breakdown on how to ace your security job interview

  • Find out if you're ready for the CISSP exam

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