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Memory Palace CISSP Notes - Fifth Edition!

Note: this document may not download on a mobile device. If so, try switching to Desktop Mode". Otherwise you may have to download it from a laptop or desktop. Thanks.

Some security professionals become a member of the site to watch the videos, take the practice questions, read the PDF notes, take the exam, pass the exam, and then move on with the rest of their information security career. They earn the title of CISSP through hard work and fully deserve all the accolades which come with it.

But then, there are those professionals who take the journey to the CISSP and transform not only their career, but themselves. They develop an intense discipline, a calling to the security profession, and the virtue to make sure everyone gets the same advantage in preparing for the CISSP exam regardless of background, experience, or doubts.

That's Prashant Mohan.

"The Memory Palace - A Quick Refresher For Your CISSP Exam" is the contribution by Prashant which takes him out of the shadows of the CISSP underworld and into the front stage where he belongs. Prashant has taken his own personal time to create this collection of CISSP exam notes. They are meticulous, valuable, and lumbering with some of the most core topics and concepts you will have to know before taking the exam.

I've encountered just a few people like Prashant around the CISSP community, the type who gives without expecting anything in return. He is the silent professional and the quiet mentor. Since cracking his CISSP exam back in August 2017, there have been multiple study experiences and individuals who have specifically attributed their success to Prashant.

If you'd like to read about Prashant and Radha's CISSP journey to the CISSP, here are the links:

I'd like to thank Prashant with as many thank-yous as possible. If not on the front cover of some information security magazine or award ceremony, I hope this page on Study Notes and Theory will help to keep his name known globally.


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