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How Sinan Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, September 11 I finally passed the CISSP exam. This was my second attempt after failing in June. I thought giving up because I found the exam extremely hard, some friend on this wonderful group (Thank you Luke Ahmed) advised me to continue, and not to waste all my work and own knowledge.

During my preparation, the main problem for me was the language, English is my 3rd one and I studied more English than CISSP :-) For those who are in the same case than me, please do not translate into your native language, take your notes in English and think in English.

I used Sybex 7th edition as the main study guide and Shon Harris to go deeper. I did all official practice tests, Shon Harris total tester, cccure, listened partially Shon Harris MP3 and watched domain 1 Kelly Henderson video on Cybrary. Luke Ahmed's Facebook group and Telegram Group helped me to nail and not to feel alone.

Please do not read for reading, spend more time to really understand the main concepts, it must absolutely be clear in your mind and this is the secret to pass CISSP. For example memorizing BIA steps is useless if you don't understand each step.

In this journey, I met wonderful people, Vineet Srivastava, Olivier Bdn, Olga J, Vishal, Milhovitch Yaniv, Steve and many other people in Luke Ahmed study group. Thank you all.

Now waiting for endorsement and preparing CISM.

Don't give up!

Sinan Aydoğdu


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