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How Setta Cracked His CISSP Exam

Thank you Lord !!!

I passed.

Wow oh wow. I am still pinching myself. Thank you Luke Ahmed for this awesome group. Whenever I needed motivation I look at this group and it drives me ahead seeing other people on the same long path.

I enjoy reading about the success and the study methods they used to conquered the mountain. So I too will pass on my study habits to others who may find it useful. 1. Sybex. 7th edition Official study guide. I read cover to cover. Handwritten notes of each chapter. 2. Shon Harris . All in One. Used as reference. Filling in gaps. 3. ISC official practice tests. Went through each questions twice. The ones I got wrong, went through it a third time and added it to handwritten notes. 4. Cybrary. Watch entired videos. 5. Lynda. Watch entired videos. 6. Joined Study Notes and Theory as a member* *(Made some topics easy to grasp) 7. Joined telegram study group. 8. Practice questions. Thousands of them until my head hurts. 9. Last week prior to exam I reviewed my hand written notes and did more practice questions. This was a long journey for me. Some study for 2-3 months and passed. I am much slower so it took me 6 months to be exact. But with time, dedication and commitment I crossed the finish line.

With that being said best of luck to you on this journey!


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