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How Sandeep Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hi Luke,

Here is my preparation summary:

From past few years, CISSP was always in my mind but I never started seriously preparing for it due to one reason or other. This time i started seriously thinking about it, wanted it badly and finally passed my CISSP on 17th Sep-2018.


I started my preparation from May-2018. 2-3 hours per day and 6 hours over the weekend. This changed to more rigorous approach as the days progressed and when I was very near to the exam date. I took a week off from the office and focused completely on revision and solving sample test questions.

Below are the books i referred to:

1. Sybex 7th edition initially and later switched to 8th edition-This I used extensively and read it 3 times.

2.11th Hour by Eric Conrad-Read it twice;its very short and crisp.

3. CISSP study guide By Eric Conrad-3rd edition (Read it completely just once)

Online Subscription: Study notes and theory

I took subscription for 2 months and I must say it was a wise decision; Luke has done a very great job and is good at explaining the complex topics in an easier way. I went through all videos, material and flash cards, plus an addition to "telegram" group kept me more focused and I was never able to keep CISSP away from myself.

Interacting with all like minded people really motivates one to achieve his and her goal.

Sample Questions:

1. Sybex Practice Tests

2. Questions on Study Notes and Theory

3. All questions from Shon Harris 7th edition

4. Questions from ISC2 CBK

5. Total Tester

6. Boson 2018 CISSP (This I used to test my readiness for the exam and identify the domains I need to put more focus on)

Apps on my Iphone:

1. I used all free App's available and made it practice to go through them 1 hour before going to bed.


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