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How Sabhariswaran Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hi All – Cleared my CISSP. First attempt - 107 questions with 45 min left. Thank you all for the support, in the FB group and Telegram.

Experience: 7 years into IT Audit and CISA certified.

Study Materials used:

1. Sybex 8th edition – At least three times

2. Study Notes and Theory – Videos under each domain. Highly recommend it.

5. YouTube videos - Destination Certification, PowerCert Animated

Practice questions: Lost count of them – Should be min 4000

1. Sybex 8th edition - questions after each chapter

2. Sybex Wiley Practice exams – came with #1

3. SNT Practice questions – Phew!

4. (ISC)2 official practice test 2nd edition

5. AIO 8th Edition – Questions after each chapter and comprehensive assessment.

6. IT Dojo and Adam Gordan - Practice questions

7. Questions posted in FB, Telegram and random websites.

On an average, I got 70% to 80% except SNT’s, where I got 50-60%. But read why the other choices in the answers are wrong.

Exam experience & Advise:

1. Highly recommend getting SNT subscription. I got it only for a month and totally worth it. It helps you understand the concept and not just memorize.

2. Exam questions were not like any of the practice exams – Maybe Sybex was the closest.

3. Most of the questions were not very complicated or technical. If you have read the Sybex, understood the basic concept - you should be able to answer them. Think like a manager and pick an answer that is at a high level.

4. Read Read Read the question. The moment I read a question I knew the answer. However, when I re-read it - there was a small hint/condition that changed the answer.

5. I wasn’t confident till I entered the test centre – Guess you can never be fully prepared for this exam :) Just go for it.

All the best!


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