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How Others Cracked Their CISSP Exam

How Steven Cracked His CISSP Exam – 28November2016

Hi, Enjoyed your website. I took the exam last week and passed. So very excited.

These are three books I would recommend for any CISSP Student:

1) Shon Harris’s latest edition All In One 2) Eric Conrad 3rd Edition 3) Sybex’s Official Study Guide 7th Edition.

Also, the ISC2 Practice Tests. This book contains 100 questions for Each Domain and is really good for “practice” and to get one in the mindset of answering questions.

Additionally, I spent an average of 2 hours per day, created flash cards and used the Sybex/Wiley site for practice exams.

Thanks again, Steve


How Asif Cracked His CISSP Exam

I would like to share my study experience. 1- Shon Haris AIO 6ed.( word by word) 2- sybex 7th ed(word by word) 3- offical book on need basis I recommend to consult official book 4th ed.

Videos: 1- Cybrary + mp3 in car ( great benefit) 2- Pearson (latest) 3- shon haris 4- cbt( keith Barker) cissp n compTIA security+(for knowledge from scrach)

Practice exam: 1- above said books chapter end and end of book. 2-McGrawhill free test 3- this fb group and whatsapp group ( 3 months ago they dropped me from group) 4- few of conrad ( site closed after) Wanted to take cccure but could not get time.

Exam was more than tough, key is understanding of concepts n processes in in their orders.

Wish you all success in future and beyond


How Isaac Cracked His CISSP Exam – 20Aug2016

Hello, people! I am happy to say that I “provisionally passed” the CISSP today. The exam is not a walk in the park…but it also is *not* an unattainable trophy sequestered on te dark sidhe of a mountain somewhere. As far as tips go…

1)Understand the concepts. There’s no shortcut.

2)Think like a manager or consultant.

3)Know and understand when to prioritize controls, etc.

4)Try to master the “layups” so that you have enough time to review your answers at the end.

5)Get enough rest and do not stress, so that you are relaxed and confident when you walk in.

I completed the exam in under 180 minutes, then used the remaining time to really review. I ended up changing only 3 of my selections due to my confidence in the others, though I could have also had confidence in the wrong answers. This just goes back to the first bullet point. Good luck to the rest of you.

How Reggie Cracked His CISSP Exam – 9July2016

Good Evening Everyone,

I passed my CISSP exam this morning. I failed my first attempt back in December 2015 with a 677. I officially decided to get back on the studying May 25th, but last 2 weeks I did at least 6hrs of studying Monday though Friday and the weekends 1 or 2hrs. I did at least 2000 practice questions.

Keep working ppl it’s worth it.

Resources: Eric Conrad Study 3rd Edition Eric Conrad 11th Edition Cybrary IT Boot Camp (Free) Biggest Help Sybex Practice Questions Practice Questions Shon Harris CISSP Practice Questions 4th edition.

How Ivan Cracked His CISSP Exam – 28June2016

Hello everyone, glad to say that I have passed the exam today!

Study materials used: Primary resource: Eric Conrad – CISSP Study Guide 2nd edition Partially: Official CBK and Shon’s All-in-One

Test engines: SkillSet ~4000 questions CCCure ~1500 questions McGrawHills

I found the McGraw like the most useful one.

The exam itself took 4 hours to pass ( 3,5 hours for all 250 questions and 30 mins for review of 55 marked questions) + ~15mins for 3 breaks. I felt like no reason to stay there longer, review everything and make a possible errors.

I would like to say a special thanks to the administrator of this group, your effort is fantastic, appreciate it! And good luck to everyone who is just being prepared for the exam!


How Yunus Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hello everyone,

I just passed my CISSP exam

The only advise I can give you is:

Stop studying and take the exam

I made almost 250-300 pages of notes and believe me, even if i had all of them during the exam right next to me it wouldnt help me to answer NOT EVEN 1 QUESTION!!!

The questions in exam are so crazy, you cant even understand what they are really asking. The important point is not the question but the answer.

Keep focus on HUMAN SAFETY, COST, ROI and thats it!!


How Wai Lun Cracked His CISSP Exam

ISC2 book 7 edition took all the practice exams sybex online get 80 plus if you get the wrong answer find out why . shon harris book and practice exams eric conrad 3rd edition and his 500 questions onlinefree ccc did all the questions love this site explains why in details why you got it wrong Videos from shon harris Videos from sari green Videos from david miller Videos from Larry G StarTrek guy Videos from Leo Took me a good Month to Study good luck everyone


How Gytis Cracked His CISSP Exam

Guys, I just did it!!!! I’ve read two books (not official guide), used videos… And practice test, will share them with you soon. Generally, no numbers in my exam, but you have to set your mindset to manager and get rid of IT relations.

As promised: 1. I was watching “8 domains of CISSP” on youtube – if you dont have time- dont watch it. It is messy overview. 2. I was reading “CISSP Exam Cram, Third Edition” on safari books. GOOD BOOK. 3. I was reading “CISSP Study Guide, 3rd Edition” on safari books. GOOD BOOK. Maybe the best for me. 4. And very important those videos was good kick. I’ve found them too late and was able to watch half of them. But it will help you to feel what CISSP expects from you. 5. And finally after each chapter- answer try the test. And when you feel, that you are ready for the test, go and try this:

Yes indeed I’m with technical background. I was part of networks, then part of security team, then back to networks and back to security smile emoticon so my advise would be – if you are technician, just think- what would you boss do grin emoticon and you never pick up: Install patch or upgrade hardware smile emoticon


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