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How Mohammed Cracked His CISSP Exam

PASSED my CISSP today!

Had been waiting for this day for so long, when I could drive without listening to Shon, come home and not think of what pages from Sybex are yet to be covered, actually sit with my wife and watch TV. Well, all the sacrifices made were worth it today, what I learnt pursuing this certification is invaluable.

Resources Used

AIO 6th Edition: I belong to the Shon fan club, and all the basics I learnt were from her. Sybex 7th edition: Not as detailed as Shon, but if I were to chose one book for this exam, this would be it. Kelly Handerhan: Best resource for understanding what to focus on and what not.

Tests CCCURE Sybex McGraw Hills Exam Cram

No practice test comes close to the real one but they are good for reinforcing knowledge. That’s it.


The best thing I have done for this exam is JUST watched/listened to Kelly’s Videos the weekend before exam. This set my mind into right mode and I was lucid with what I must be looking for in the answer.

Coming to the exam, this was probably the most draining exam I’ve ever attempted, the questions are designed to test your foundations and not what all you’ve memorized, by the time I reached 100th question I was zoned out because the questions I felt got a notch tougher and by the time I was nearing 250 I was convinced that I am going to fail and while on the short break, I was just thinking what I could’ve done better and what books I would be attempting for the next try. lol

Anyways, just want to advice all the aspirants to focus on the foundation of the security that is what they are looking for.

Believe in your selves and Good Luck, every moment you are sacrificing now will be worth it!

Last but not the least, I am very thankful to Study Notes And Theory and Luke Ahmed for this platform and for all the posts he puts up summarizing the hard to understand topics and Ahmed for the wonderful Whatsapp group he manages. You guys played a major role in helping me making right choices through out this Journey.


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