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How Bryan Cracked His CISSP

Shon Harris book – 10 Domain version: Got about 1/3rd through this one before giving up. There’s good info in there, but it was hard picking it out due to the verbosity of Shon. I did learn a lot, however.

Sybex 7th edition – Great book. I read it through cover to cover once doing the practice tests at the end. It was straight and to the point. I referred to it every time I got a question wrong in the practice tests and made flash cards.

Sybex Official Practice Test book – Also a great resource. I was getting 80 – 95% on each practice test before the exam. I got an 80% on the second practice test in the book prior to the exam. I’d recommend doing this booklet once you are confident in your general skillset in order to further find weak points in your knowledge, like maybe a month out from your exam.

Sybex online test bank: I mainly used this, about 25 questions per session. It was wonderful at letting me know my weak points. I’d just fill up a piece of paper with my weak points and then study them later.

CCCure: I’m not sure if this was of any help to me. I felt like the questions were too technical in some parts compared to the Sybex book. I did this on and off. Maybe it helped – I’m not sure. I was scoring between 60% and 95% on this prior to the exam.

McGraw Online Test Bank: I tried a bit of this but ended up going back to the Sybex stuff. I liked doing questions 20 to 25 at a time to find my weak points, and this material didn’t really work with my study method. Some of it also seemed too technical compared to the Sybex material.

Official CBK: I borrowed this from a co-worker. I didn’t like it. The wording was confusing. I made it about halfway through before giving up.

Cybrary videos: Great for putting it all together. I’d do this if you haven’t already. It is good for base knowledge.

Flash cards: I wrote many of the same cards down and just did about an hour of flash card reading a day. It really helped settle in the material.

I can’t answer any Qs about the exam due to the NDA, but hopefully this info helps with anyone who is trying to find a study plan. I was so deep in studying for so long that I’m now trying to adjust to adjust to a life where I actually have free time. It is a weird feeling.

Many thanks to the creator of this group (Luke Ahmed) for keeping everyone inspired.


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