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How Akhil Cracked His CISSP Exam

This is what it is.

This is what it feels like.. the first taste of success.

This is what i wanted, this is what made me sleepless for days.. THIS is my obsession.

After a long 5 month ON & OFF preparation & having rescheduling exam once before 2 months, I have faced my demons today & I nailed it. I would only say one thing to all you guys out there.. THE ANTICIPATION OF THE EXAM IS GREATER THAN THE REAL EXAM.

If a guy with 3 years of security experience can clear this, you definitely can clear it given you apply yourself to the exam & stay dedicated. The moment the printer made that krrrrrrrr sound was the utter silence in my life.

The "Congratulations" on that will change your life.

Trust your preparation & know your concepts well. I have hardly got 70 in Sybex practice tests & I got all the tricky ones wrong. I went back to the book & read the entire cover to cover twice. Didn't do any other practice after that.

Signed up for SNT & made good use of the videos. The Telegram group is awesome, lot of passionate people there who will help you through the journey.

After 5 hours of passing the exam, I still cant feel relieved because its still in back of head that I have to go & study that DRP process, implement that access control, classify the data & what not. I can't go back to not be reading anything from today. Discipline has become a part of me now & I have to read something everyday & advance in my profession.

I can go ON & ON about my preparation, but I will end it here. And this goes without saying...Luke, you are the man ! Thank you for this group.


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