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How Madunix Cracked His CISSP Exam!

Dear Security Professionals,

I passed the CISSP exam on 24 July 2017.

Thank you very much all in SNT FB, Telegram Group CISSP, Information Audit FB, WhatsApp Groups CISSP) for your guidance and support!! Special recognition goes out to my family, for their support, also special thanks for Milhovitch Yaniv , Ahmed Khatibi, Ahmed Khan, Luke Ahmed, Saddam, Joae, DJ, Clement, Mark Dalton, Kanchan, Shalini, Fitwi, Ibrahim Kaspri, and Vaibhav Pathak for their continued support.

What my study involved (STUDY MATERIALS): - I have watched the whole series of Kelly's, Mike Chapple's, David Miller and Sari Greene - ISC2 Official Study Guide- Sybex (cover to cover) - Sybex- Official practice tests - AIO 7th edition- Shon Harris - CISSP study guide – Eric Conrad - Exam cram 4th edition - Michael Gregg - CBK Book - Big Green - AIO total tester - Referred some NIST, ISO/IEC 27000, SANS and CSA documents - Used random YouTube Videos for understanding a concept more deeply - Used my hand written flashcards for continues learning

EXAM DAY: - Made 100 questions - Small break - Back and finished 100 questions - Small break - Back and finished the 50 questions left - 45 flagged questions (shocked questions) - Small break - Went back to review flagged one - Made a complete review for all questions, just to give them a second eye - Finished the exam with 5hours 55min - Print out PASS

My tips/notes cracking CISSP: - Read the Sybex official book (ONE BOOK) completely, you can use AIO too - During your study make your own notes for quick review - Regularly participating in discussions and QA sessions in FB/Telegram - Focus on the basics, and clear your concepts, you should know the basics about each and every topic - The CISSP exam is a marathon; you should have some common test taking strategies in mind - If you get stuck/shocked on a question, mark it for later and move on to the next question - Do not leave any question blank upon submission even if you do not readily know the answer - Always read carefully through the entire question, read the question multiple times before selecting an answer - Never try to overanalyze a question, keep it simple - If you are not able to narrow down a question to two possible answers, then try and slow down and reread - Questions with BEST, MOST, LEAST, FIRST, NOT…etc. are tricky read them in depth - Even if you think you know it all, there are always some questions you may not be prepared for - Practice questions are super important (Sybex, AIO, Gregg) - Know the CISSP Process very well IN and OUT such as SDLC, DRP, BCP, BIA, and Change Management….etc.

Good luck for everyone who is going to take the exam.



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