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You're reading the same books. 


Watching the same videos. 


Taking the same old practice questions. 

Study Notes and Theory offers a different way to study for the CISSP exam. 


With our collection of resources, you will:

  • Focus on core CISSP concepts

  • Learn about the new updated exam topics

  • Approach CAT format questions 

  • Think like a manager

  • See examples of high-level thinking

  • Correlate topics across multiple domains

  • Have more resources than an expensive bootcamp


About Me

Luke Ahmed

Network security engineer by day.

CISSP instructor by night.

I dream about CISSP. 

Then I wake up and make my dreams come true.

CISSP videos


Targeted custom CISSP videos focused on the most core concepts of the exam.  Includes practice question review videos, cross-domain correlation, and exam strategies.

"By far the best videos/website out there. Luke is a funny guy and is very good at explaining things." - Julien

"I really don’t have words to explain how beautifully Luke makes people understand the concept of most difficult or confusing topics." -Anurag

"The depth of his questions and the simple, yet smart delivery methods of his videos are just incomparable.  You won't find stuff like this anywhere else on the Internet!" -Wala

"Btw, your practice tests are really mind blowing. Sybex engine is nothing in comparing to Study Notes." - Imran K.

"Luke, I passed man!!  Thanks for all the resources you provide for the group. Joining the group was a key and a big help on this long journey." -Setta V

"I passed the exam on Wednesday.Video explanations really help provide a much needed change from regular reading material, and you do an excellent job providing some high quality content" -Ryan C.



Some of the toughest  scenario-based CISSP practice questions.  Designed to test your concepts across multiple domains.

Rain Storm


These are not your usual flashcards.  They are a mix of facts, concepts, CISSP trivia, and other considerations before taking the exam.


Study Notes and Theory

A CISSP Study Guide

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  • From America to India to Dubai, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Israel, London, Singapore, or the remote tropical island nation of Mauritius, we have officially helped pass over 2,000+ CISSPs worldwide!

  • Fail the CISSP exam? We specialize in providing you the missing gaps to crack it next time!

  • CISSP content that promotes professionalism, kindness, empathy, motivation, and cultivating discipline has been the key to our success

  • Mentoring, advice, and strategies are always provided upon request!

Course Content

  • 54+ hours of high-quality CISSP videos

  • 800+ complex practice questions always with full explanations

  • Access to private CISSP Telegram group

  • 1,450 flashcards

  • Content last updated November 1, 2021 with 25 new practice questions


Members ALSO get free access to our

Private telegram group.


ENjoy 24/7 CISSP conversations.


Billed Monthly 

Recommended for those 1-2 months away from the exam. 


Billed every 3-Months

Recommended for those 3-4 months away from the exam.


Billed every 6-Months

Recommended for those 5-6 months away from the exam.

​Automatically billed |  Cancel anytime |  May take 24 hour approval Based in EST


If you feel like the CISSP is not in your future or would like to come back to it at a later time, you can always cancel.  I'd hate for you to waste your time and money on something you will not use.

If at any time you wish to cancel future payments you should contact Study Notes and Theory.

Alternatively, you may call PayPal Customer Service at 1-888-221-1161. You will be required to provide your first and last name, the phone number or email address you provided when you signed up, and the last 4 digits of the credit card you registered.

Thanks for visiting the site.

Luke Ahmed

If membership is not for you, then our free newsletter also includes tips, practice questions, and the latest CISSP information.

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