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Since 2015, we have continued to provide thousands of security professionals around the globe with high-level and technical understanding of complex and core concepts proven to help them pass their CISSP certification exam.

Watch the introduction video to learn how to navigate and fully leverage this website and its free resources for your journey to the CISSP.  

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Meet Your Course Instructor
Luke Ahmed

Network security engineer.
CISSP instructor.

I dream about CISSP. 
Then I wake up and make my dreams come true.


Julien D.

By far the best CISSP videos/website out there. Luke is a funny guy and is very good at explaining things.

Anurag S.

I really don’t have words to explain how beautifully Luke makes people understand the concept of most difficult or confusing topics.

Wala S.

The depth of his questions and the simple, yet smart delivery methods of his videos are just incomparable.  You won't find stuff like this anywhere else on the Internet!