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The CISSP is much more than just something to add to your resume.  Spending hours and hours studying the material and watching videos naturally just makes you a stronger security professional.  Even if you never take the exam itself, just studying and reading the different topics of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge can only increase your knowledge in the security field.  

You have decided to focus and dominate this exam.  You have decided to start focusing on improving your career in the information security industry.


A lot of the stuff on the site is already free like the blog posts, study experiences, and study resources.  It might take a lot more effort on your part, but it is possible to pass by just using the free stuff and reading your study guides.

If you are looking for custom CISSP videos, original study notes, and custom scenario-based practice questions with explanations, then that's why we have a paid members section.

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This is not a CISSP website that will guarantee a pass.  Passing the exam is a personal choice that comes out of sheer self-dedication and hard work.  In the end, it's just going to be you and the exam.  No notes, no books, no videos, no instructors - just you and the new CAT format exam.

"Luke, I passed man!!  Thanks for all the resources you provide for the group. Joining the group was a key and a big help on this long journey." - Setta V.

What I do guarantee, is that you will find the same amount of information here with your

$24.99 monthly membership, that you would at a $3,000 5-day bootcamp class.  The videos on this site are updated to reflect the latest CISSP concepts along with real world examples to really ingrain the knowledge into your memory. Every single practice question is original and scenario based with explanations, and not found anywhere else on the web.


Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

The Importance of BCP/DRP

Domain 3: Security Engineering

Defense in Depth

Domain 5: Identity & Access Management

Real-World OAuth 

Domain 7:  Security Operations

Job Rotation

Domain 2: Asset Security

Data Destruction

Domain 4: Communications & Network Security

The TCP Handshake

Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing

Certification vs Accreditation

Domain 8: Software Development Security

SQL Injection Demonstration

"I got a lot of help from his videos. They are too good. He will make you relate with his real life experiences which you will understand and not forget ever. He has given his heart and soul to create those videos and you will feel that." - Prashant M.


All practice questions are created by me over the course of teaching CISSP for 4 years. The questions are verified by another CISSP for accuracy and context, and they all come with explanations.  The questions are drawn from real-world experience and meant to be harder than the actual CISSP questions.


With your Study Notes and Theory membership you also get to be part of our Telegram group.  This group was founded in conjunction with Study Notes and Theory to help anyone pursuing the CISSP certification. It has helped produce over 100 CISSPs worldwide!

Click here for more information about the Telegram Group.


If you feel like the CISSP is not in your future or would like to come back to it at a later time, you can always cancel.  I'd hate for you to waste your time and money on something you will not use.

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Thanks for visiting the site.

Luke Ahmed, CISSP

"I am sure your questions will be beneficial for a lot of CISSP candidates since it stands above any of the current test engines in its genre.  When others put signature dynamics, you put an effective heuristic approach towards the questions. I would encourage all CISSP aspirant's to practise such questions because you will only realize its real value after the exam!"  - Kiranz A. 

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