November 11, 2019

I passed the CISSP on 1 Oct 2019!

Wow, what a process.

I began semi-formally studying about a year prior off-and-on. I do, however, read about tech and security constantly.  I started formally/scheduled studying a couple of months out an hour or two per day. Then the month of Sept I shut everything else down (for the most part) and dedicated all time to stu...

May 28, 2019

A senior citizen (60+) bows to Luke Ahmed.

I have provisionally passed the CISSP exam on May 2, 2019 - 100 questions and 110 minutes. I am a network engineer who is on call 24 x 7. I have a Ph.D. and used to be a CCIE (no longer current) but never had to study as much as I did for the CISSP exam.

I followed Luke Ahmed's advice - immerse yourself in the CI...

November 24, 2017

The CISSP Computerized Adaptive Testing is going to be here starting December 18, 2017! 

It totally caught me off-guard, there really was no confirmation or a prior announcement.  If there was an announcement, the (ISC)² only told a select few at private conferences.  We had at least 6 months notice before The Great CBK Change of 2015!

Either way,...

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