May 14, 2018


This is one, if not THE most common question I ever get asked.

If you have 2 years of experience in networking, you can take the CISSP exam. 

If you just graduated college with a Master's degree, you can take the CISSP exam.

If you work at a Mercedes Benz assembly factory in Alabama, you can take the CISSP exam. 

If you are a stay at home mom who is try...

April 26, 2018

Should you get the new CISSP books or stick with the old ones? 

You can do both! 

The new April CISSP CBK domains have not changed that much at all except the addition of a few new topics.  

Check out this article for more information: 

2018 CISSP April CBK F.A.Q.S

But if you want to fully perform your due diligence and would rather get the newer editions...

March 28, 2018

Are there a lot of new changes to the CISSP exam starting April 15th, 2018? 

There really doesn't seem to be a lot of changes...really. 

Looking at the syllabus, I'd say the material is still 95% the same.  That's a big percentage of the same material.  

I'm saying this because I'm a CISSP nerd and derive great pleasure by going through each line of th...

Thanks to Wala for this valuable CISSP advice! 


CISSP preparation resources, how much is enough?

CISSP - you all know - like no other test in the field and requires unique preparation plan, enough resources and of course the right experience.

But how much resources is enough? Is it only the Sybex book or is it the AIO, the CBK maybe...

February 16, 2018

Hi All,

I have been in incognito mode ever since I have joined this group.

Thanks to all the great advice and assistance given here, I have passed my CISSP examination a year ago.

I have seen many questions regarding which materials to study etc. etc.
I will do a basic FAQ on the normal questions that pursuers of the certification tend to ask.

1. What r...

February 16, 2018

Just keep reading CISSP.

Reading is so important, especially for the CISSP. The never-ending crisp pages of a new CISSP book looks like it will take a year just to read once. But try to read 10 pages, just 10 pages everyday for 3 months. If you do this, you will have read about a 1000 pages, which is just the amount of pages in the Shon Harris 7th Edition,...

November 24, 2017

The CISSP Computerized Adaptive Testing is going to be here starting December 18, 2017! 

It totally caught me off-guard, there really was no confirmation or a prior announcement.  If there was an announcement, the (ISC)² only told a select few at private conferences.  We had at least 6 months notice before The Great CBK Change of 2015!

Either way,...

October 23, 2017

You can read about how Matheus cracked his CISSP exam here:

How Matheus Cracked His CISSP Exam

He also created his own mindmaps (old 10 domains), and gave me permission to share it on this website. 

Access Control

Application Security

BCP and DR


Information Security


Network Security

Operations Security

Physical Security

Security Architecture

If you...

October 17, 2017

Do you really need to know every single NIST document word for word? 

Answer: No

Are NIST documents an incredible source of learning material to expand your knowledge and provide clarity for the CISSP exam? 

Answer: Yes

Do the actual study guide books and practice exam question engines use NIST documents as their references when trying to explain topics?

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