February 17, 2019

There are times when the security professional no matter how much technical knowledge, certifications, college degrees, SAT scores, or job interview skills...has to rely on just instincts.  Has to rely on their own "qualitative analysis" - a term to know for the CISSP exam.

The other day at work we received a ticket from the project manager of a mediu...

November 6, 2018


There was an upcoming change to a BlueCoat ProxySG over a weekend swing shift ( Saturday 3pm - midnight).  All we had to do was upgrade from version to version  Currently, we had two BlueCoat devices, a primary and secondary.  These were used together to provide high-availability.  If the primary proxy where to stop functioning,...

February 20, 2018

In a secure corporate environment, it is critical to have a strict change management process.  Large environments mean large changes.  Even if it is a really small change to a firewall, it could still affect the overall stability and access control of other interdepenencies.  Which is exactly what happened at work a few weeks back. 

This is...

January 24, 2018

It was just supposed to be a simple software upgrade.  

The requirement was that there is zero downtime.  

The client was supposed to be on the conference call to upgrade their Palo Alto firewall from version 7.0, to 7.1, to 8.0 for just 2 hours.  It turned into 18 hours.  

The Palo was in active/passive HA mode, and to make matters just...

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