May 22, 2020

I started my journey in CISSP in DEC 2017 by start reading for two to three hours of official ISC2 CBK CISSP Study guide five days a week.

It took me seven months to finish the book then I start by solving Sybex practice questions. After that I took the CISSP exam for the first time in DEC 2018 and failed .

 After two weeks of resting, I started again by re...

April 28, 2020


How “CISSP” soaked in.

Myself being an IT professional with 8 years of experience in Information Security, first got the wild idea of taking up the examination through my manager during the career development discussion, it was a casual talk and never had I imagined that it could be such a difference in my career. 

It initially started...

April 25, 2020

A Journey to CISSP

Many years ago, while working as regular IT I hated the work environment when we suddenly out of ink for printer or when we got infected server with no backup, many changes with no requests and cracked software’s are everywhere. I tried to fix some process but there was no management support and I did not have the skills to do...

April 5, 2020

The Beginning
A year ago, I decided to pursue Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification, a gold standard in Information Security!

My background in Cloud Identity and strong interest in cryptography sowed a seed of interest in the field of Cyber Security inside me. I
spoke about my interests with my manager and mentors at work, who...

March 15, 2020


(Commitment, Inspiration, Sacrifice, Smartness, Perseverance)

My Preparation Plan - Attitude towards CISSP

- Started off with Shon Harris AIO – 8th edition. Studied cover to cover in solid 2 months. It built up the in-depth concepts. Did the AIO 1600 Qs domain wise while studying the AIO book. Started relating all my 8+ years of experience in different...

February 24, 2020

Ahmed S. is feeling thankful.

Last Sunday, I killed the beast. 8th of December 2019, I will remember this day.  Although the journey wasn't easy and the exam was very tough, I will miss it.  CISSP was not a just exam, it was a journey of gaining knowledge, identifying my weakness and correcting wrong concepts.

If you still didn't pass yet, th...

February 7, 2020

Hello Everyone. 

I passed the CISSP a few days ago Alhumdulilah, and for a few days disconnected from everything and took a well needed break. 

A big thanks goes to the Study Notes and Theory CISSP Facebook group and Luke. 

I remember when I started off and joined when this was a group of a few members, I am amazed at how much we have grown and achieved...

February 4, 2020

I started my Journey in 2016 while CISSP was composed of 10 Chapters and  250 questions in the exam . 

I took printout of all 10 Chapters from the Shon Harris AIO.  Studied hard in each and every line as well as word and started preparing my own handwritten wotes in two workbooks. I liked the chapter CRYPTOGRAPHY very much and really worked hard to dr...

January 23, 2020

I passed the CISSP exam on my first try on Saturday, November 2, 2019 after months of preparation and several starts and stops. Aspiring CISSPs have asked me how I did it.

Here are some of the specifics of my journey.

I initially followed the typical recommendation to read a reputable study guide from beginning to end and then to read it agai...

December 8, 2019

I could summarize my CISSP journey with one single motto: “never give up”. It has been an intense and difficult experience, but I can confirm that it has been crucial to test my true intention to become a cybersecurity professional and understand the core value of the 3rd and 4th CISSP ethical canons.

Yesterday – November 23rd , 2019 – I have passed my C...

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