October 17, 2017

Do you really need to know every single NIST document word for word? 

Answer: No

Are NIST documents an incredible source of learning material to expand your knowledge and provide clarity for the CISSP exam? 

Answer: Yes

Do the actual study guide books and practice exam question engines use NIST documents as their references when trying to explain topics?

July 11, 2017

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS provides a customer full control of virtualized hardware, memory, and storage.  Servers, firewalls, and routers are provided, and a network topology can be configured by the tenant.

This granular type of environment control is not provided by PaaS or SaaS.

Amazon Web Services, is an IaaS.  Although, today they offer PaaS, an...

June 18, 2017

Defense in depth is the use of multiple security controls to protect a single of group of assets. 


This video is from the Software Development Life Cycle CISSP series.  

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March 15, 2017

The United States banned the use of Halon under the Montreal Protocol because it is harmful to the environment.  It contains CFCs that deplete the Ozone layer.

In Relation To CISSP Exam

There are fire suppression methods that you should use, and ones that you should not, depending on the types of fires.  Check out my post on Fires and Suppression Methods fo...

January 5, 2016

When studying for the old 10 domain CISSP exam, I merely glanced at the cloud computing section, and kept flipping through the pages.

I had somehow convinced myself that what general terms and definitions I already knew about cloud security would be enough for me to get by when taking the exam.

However, I probably would not make the same wager with myself f...

September 9, 2015

It was 1:37AM in downtown Washington, DC around a place called Adams Morgan.  A notorious place for college students and young professionals alike to partake in drinking copious amounts of booze and forgetting the stress of the daily city grind.  

There is also a massive police presence because of incidents that occur with so much drinking.  On this p...

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